Objectives and key result areas

The ICAC's mission is to combat corruption and improve the integrity of the NSW public sector.

The ICAC's role is to investigate, expose and minimise corruption in and affecting the NSW public sector.

Responsibility for the management of corruption risks rests with individual organisations. The ICAC directs its attention to serious and systemic corrupt conduct and takes into account the responsibility and role of other public officials and authorities in the prevention of corrupt conduct.

Key result areas

The ICAC Strategic Plan outlines four key result areas:

Exposing corruption

  • Detect and investigate corrupt conduct.
  • Identify any methods of work, practices or procedures that allow, encourage or cause the occurrence of corrupt conduct.
  • Ensure a good practice approach for all investigations.
  • Maintain an efficient and effective complaint handling service.
  • Maintain strategic alliances with other relevant agencies to optimise investigative and preventative outcomes.
  • Maintain a proactive and reactive strategic intelligence capacity.

Preventing corruption

  • Encourage government to address corruption risks of state-wide significance and public concern.
  • Ensure public authorities revise practices or procedures to reduce the risk of corrupt conduct occurring, and promote the integrity and good repute of public administration.
  • Raise awareness in the community of corrupt conduct and encourage reporting of corrupt conduct.
  • Ensure good practice for all corruption prevention work.


  • Provide timely, accurate and relevant reporting to the Inspector of the ICAC and the Parliamentary Committee on the ICAC.
  • Ensure our work complies with all relevant laws and procedures.
  • Report publicly about the work of the Commission.
  • Keep the public informed about the work of the Commission through the publication of its reports and by sharing current information on its website and via its social media channels.
  • Assist the Parliamentary Committee on the NSW ICAC.

Our organisation

  • Continue to develop as a learning organisation that embraces a culture of continuous improvement, excellence and sharing of knowledge.
  • Provide a safe, equitable, productive and satisfying workplace.
  • Be a lead agency in our governance and corporate infrastructure.
  • Monitor our performance to ensure work quality and effective resource management.

For more information see the ICAC Strategic Plan.