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Current ICAC contracts valued at $150,000 or more

Occupancy agreement for office accommodation at 255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney 2000 (Level 6 Suite L0602, Level 7)

Disclosure of information – Class 1 contract

Name and business address of the contractor

Property NSW

Level 3, 406 Bligh Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Effective date of contract

16 October 2020

Duration of the contract

6 years (with two options of 3 years each)

End date of contract

15 October 2026

Particulars of the contract

Commercial offices and ancillary purposes in accordance with the Independent Commission Against Corruption's normal business operations including the conduct of public inquiries.

Estimated amount payable to the contractor under the contract


A description of any provisions under which the amounts payable to the contractor may be varied

Annual outgoing expenses are paid based on an estimate for the current financial year. The budget amount is subject to variation if the actual expenses incurred for the same financial year are different from the budget. The variation (where applicable) is due and payable in September of the next financial period.