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Media information for public inquiries

Notice of public inquiries

The ICAC advertises upcoming public inquiries via media announcements and alerts, and public notices on the Investigations section of this website. The ICAC at times may also advertise upcoming public inquiries in relevant metropolitan and regional newspapers.


Unless advertised otherwise, all public inquiries are held at:

The Independent Commission Against Corruption Hearing Room
Level 7, 255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

Media facilities

ICAC media facilities include a media room for the use of journalists and crews, equipped with live closed-circuit television feeds of the public inquiry, and landline telephones for media use. There is also a media filing room adjacent to the media room to enable journalists to file reports.

Please note the Commission has decided that, until there is a substantial improvement in the COVID-19 situation in NSW, only those whose presence on Commission premises is deemed essential for the effective conduct of the public inquiry will be permitted onsite. Therefore, the media room is not available for the Operation Hector public inquiry.

Recording and filming

Media are only allowed to film, record and photograph:

  • the opening address by Counsel Assisting the Commission on day one of a public inquiry. Generally up to two television crews are permitted, with the footage to be made available to other crews present
  • stand-ups in reception, the media room and hearing room, with the permission of the Manager Communications and Media, and without public inquiry participants or the public in attendance.

Proceedings are shown on closed circuit television in the media room. This material must not be used in any broadcast. 

Please note that as the ICAC premises are closed to the public and the media for the Operation Hector public inquiry due to COVID-19 safety and hygiene measures, media should refer to the information below about publishing material from the live stream. For more information, please refer to the Operation Hector media guidelines.


Media responsibilities

Media representatives must:

  • abide by all suppression orders. While the ICAC advises the media whether suppression orders are in force, journalists are responsible for ensuring they are up-to-date with suppression orders
  • take only authorised film, recordings and photographs as described above; to do otherwise will risk exclusion
  • cause minimal disruption when filming, recording or photographing the opening address
  • comply with security scanning procedures each time they attend the ICAC premises
  • switch mobile telephones, tablets and other devices to silent in the hearing room.


The ICAC does not arrange interviews with witnesses, counsel and the public or allow such interviews on ICAC premises.

Information available

The ICAC distributes copies of the opening address to all media present at the end of the opening session.

Transcripts of each day's evidence are posted on the ICAC website, along with witness lists and tendered exhibits that are not subject to suppression orders.

Live streaming

The ICAC may publicly live stream the proceedings of its public inquiries via this website. Media representatives may publish live-streamed material on the condition that it is not used, or permitted to be used, for any purpose other than public reporting of the proceedings of the Commission.

Failure to abide by the terms and conditions may result in a live stream being discontinued.

The live stream may be muted or suspended at any time, including:

(a) when the Commission has exercised its power to exclude the public from a hearing
(b) where a relevant non-publication (suppression) order is in place
(c) for the welfare of witnesses or other people.