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Current Investigations

The ICAC only discloses current investigations activity where this is in the public interest. For example, the ICAC may determine that it is in the public interest to hold a public inquiry as part of an investigation.

All public inquiries are advertised, with a public hearing notice published on this site and, when deemed appropriate, in relevant newspapers.

Transcripts of each day’s public inquiry proceeding are published on this website, generally within 24 hours, unless suppression orders are in place.

For transcripts relating to a particular investigation, click on the relevant investigation title and follow the links.

List of current investigations which have been made public

Any current ICAC investigations which have been made public, generally through the holding of a public inquiry, are listed below.

Roads and Maritime Services – allegation concerning two former employees (Operation Paragon)

9 Dec 2021

The public inquiry in this matter is adjourned until a date to be advised in February 2022.

Political donations – allegations concerning ALP NSW branch officials, Chinese Friends of Labor and others (Operation Aero)

31 Jul 2019

The ICAC is investigating whether, from January 2015, Australian Labor Party (ALP) NSW Branch officials, members of Chinese Friends of Labor, political donors and others have entered into, or carried out, a scheme to circumvent prohibitions or requirements under Part 6 of the Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Act 1981 relating to political donations.

Roads and Maritime Services – allegations concerning employees’ awarding of contracts (Operation Ember)

30 Apr 2019

The ICAC is investigating whether, between July 2015 and February 2019, RMS employees Samer Soliman and Jainesh Singh partially and dishonestly exercised their official functions in relation to the awarding of contracts to Novation Engineering Pty Ltd and AZH Consulting Pty Ltd.

Awabakal Local Aboriginal Land Council - allegations concerning directors of the Board and others (Operation Skyline)

19 Jun 2018

The ICAC is investigating allegations concerning the Awabakal Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), including whether any public official, being a Awabakal LALC Board director, acted dishonestly and/or in breach of their duty as a Board member in relation to a scheme involving proposals from 2014 to 2016 for the sale and development of properties (“the Sale and Development Scheme”) owned by the land council. The public inquiry being held as part of this investigation is adjourned until further n ...