Current investigations


The ICAC only discloses current investigations activity where this is in the public interest. For example, the ICAC may determine that it is in the public interest to hold a public inquiry as part of an investigation.

All public inquiries are advertised, with a public hearing notice published on this site and, when deemed appropriate, in relevant newspapers.

Transcripts of each day’s public inquiry proceeding are published on this website, generally within 24 hours, unless suppression orders are in place.

For transcripts relating to a particular investigation, click on the relevant investigation title and follow the links.


List of current investigations which have been made public

Any current ICAC investigations which have been made public, generally through the holding of a public inquiry, are listed below.



The ICAC is investigating allegations that a former Western Sydney Regional Illegal Dumping Squad (RIDS) enforcement officer, Craig Izzard, exercised his public official functions partially and dishonestly by receiving corrupt payments to ignore illegal dumping in areas under his supervision, or to impede investigations by other Western Sydney RIDS officers.

The ICAC is investigating allegations that former City of Botany Bay Council chief financial officer Gary Goodman, and other Council employees, dishonestly exercised official functions to obtain financial benefits for themselves and others by causing fraudulent payments of more than $4.2 million to be made by the Council through false invoicing to either themselves, or various entities. The ICAC is also investigating allegations that Mr Goodman solicited and received payments as an inducement or reward for showing favourable treatment to contractors. It is also alleged that Mr Goodman and other Council employees dishonestly exercised official functions to obtain financial benefits for themselves and others by using Council resources.



The ICAC is investigating allegations that persons with an interest in Australian Water Holdings Pty Ltd (AWH) obtained a financial benefit through adversely affecting the official functions of Sydney Water Corporation (SWC) by: including expenses incurred in other business pursuits in claims made on SWC for work on the North West Growth Centre; drawing from funds allocated for other purposes; and preventing SWC from ascertaining the true financial position, including the level of the executives’ remuneration.

The Commission is also investigating whether public officials and others were involved in the falsification of a cabinet minute relating to a public private partnership proposal made by AWH intended to mislead the NSW Government Budget Cabinet Committee and obtain a benefit for AWH, and other related matters.

The Commission has been unable to progress the publication of the Operation Credo report owing to the criminal proceedings being conducted by the Director of Public Prosecutions against Mr Edward Obeid and Mr Moses Obeid. While those proceedings arise out of the Operation Jasper investigation, the Commission is of the view, in accordance with section 18 of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988, that the publication of the Operation Credo report during the currency of criminal proceedings may prejudice the right of the accused to a fair trial.

As there are common elements to this investigation and Operation Spicer, the evidence taken in each operation is taken as evidence in both operations.

For information about the Operation Spicer report, published on 30 August 2016, visit this page.

In both operations Credo and Spicer, the Commission also investigated the circumstances in which false allegations of corruption were made against senior SWC executives.