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Current Investigations

The ICAC only discloses current investigations activity where this is in the public interest. For example, the ICAC may determine that it is in the public interest to hold a public inquiry as part of an investigation.

All public inquiries are advertised, with a public hearing notice published on this site and, when deemed appropriate, in relevant newspapers.

Transcripts of each day’s public inquiry proceeding are published on this website, generally within 24 hours, unless suppression orders are in place.

For transcripts relating to a particular investigation, click on the relevant investigation title and follow the links.

List of current investigations which have been made public

Any current ICAC investigations which have been made public, generally through the holding of a public inquiry, are listed below.

Inner West Council and Transport for NSW – allegations concerning conduct of employees and others (Operation Hector)

7 Jul 2023

Hearings in this matter concluded on 10 May 2023. The submissions timetable in this matter has been amended. The timetable, transcripts, exhibits and other information are accessible here.