Employees of the ICAC

The ICAC is committed to developing as a learning organisation that embraces a culture of continuous improvement, and provides a safe and satisfying workplace.

The ICAC has approximately 115 employees working in a range of highly specialised operational and corporate support roles. Employees have expertise in areas such as investigation, law, public administration, finance, business management, governance, education‚ and information technology, including computer forensics.

All employees, contractors and consultants must undergo rigorous vetting and receive a security clearance before commencing a role with the ICAC.

ICAC values

The ICAC is committed to certain fundamental values in all interactions. We strive to:

  • advance the public interest
  • act ethically and with integrity
  • be objective, fair, impartial and accountable
  • strive for excellence
  • be tenacious and professional in pursuing our aims
  • respect each other and appropriately support each other with an emphasis on teamwork
  • preserve the ICAC's independence and reputation
  • ensure procedural fairness.