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Reporting requirements

Reports to Parliament

Under the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988, the ICAC must report promptly to the NSW Parliament on matters:

  • referred to the ICAC for investigation by both houses of Parliament
  • where the ICAC has conducted a public inquiry.

The ICAC reports must include:

  • a statement of findings, opinions and recommendations
  • the reasoning behind the findings, opinions and recommendations
  • a statement on whether the Director of Public Prosecutions should be asked to advise on prosecution of specific criminal offences
  • a statement on whether disciplinary or dismissal action should be considered against a public official.

In cases involving systemic corruption within a local council, the ICAC may recommend that consideration be given to the making of a proclamation under the Local Government Act 1993 that all civic offices of a council be declared vacant. In other words, the ICAC may recommend that consideration be given to sacking a council.

When the ICAC forwards a report to Parliament, it recommends that the report be made public straight away. After the report has been made public, the ICAC publishes a summary of the report and the full document on this website.

Annual report

The ICAC publishes an annual report. In addition to the normal reporting requirements, the ICAC must publish statistics on investigations and report on educational and advisory activities.

 View ICAC annual reports.