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Report of suspected corrupt conduct under section 11 ICAC Act in hard copy

Covering letter

As the duty to report suspected corrupt conduct resides with an agency’s principal officer, provide a covering letter accompanying this form that is signed/authorised by the principal officer.


The reporting notification form and any other related documents can be sent to the ICAC by:




The Chief Commissioner
Independent Commission Against Corruption
GPO Box 500

Attention: Manager Assessments


Level 7, 255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney


When the notification form and relevant documents are sent by email, it is not necessary to send a duplicate copy of your report by post. However, care should be taken to ensure that the documents:

  • are correctly addressed
  • are not copied to persons who are not entitled to the information
  • cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons.

Need assistance?

If you have any questions concerning the matter to be reported, making the report to the Commission, or the Commission’s processes, please contact the manager of the Assessments Section on 02 8281 5999.


Download the Word version of the form below.

Word form