LALC members and Aboriginal communities

The ICAC wants to equip local Aboriginal land council (LALC) members to participate in decision making at their LALC to help make their LALC strong. A strong LALC will also be more resistant to corruption.

The ICAC is visiting LALCs and speaking to members about how they can make their LALC stronger and more resistant to corruption. To find out more or arrange a visit, please contact [email protected].

 Some of the corruption prevention topics on our website that may assist include:

Gifts and benefits

Use of resources


The ICAC also offers training to LALCs.

Corruption prevention workshop for Local Aboriginal Land Councils

(4 hours including a 30 minute lunch break)

The workshop is open to board members, staff and ordinary members. There will be information sharing, and time for discussion about how board members, staff and ordinary members all play a role in building good governance in LALCs.

Workshop content

1.    What are the corruption opportunities in the activities carried out by LALCs?

  • the nature of corruption
  • accountability and decision-making 
  • past case examples
  • costs and impact of corruption.

2.    About the ICAC:

  • powers and oversight
  • jurisdiction
  • reporting corruption and public interest disclosures.

3.    Why people act corruptly:

  • motivations for corruption
  • gifts and grooming
  • identifying and managing conflicts of interest.

4.    Corruption prevention: everyone has a role to play

  • strong processes lessens opportunities for corrupt conduct
  • four elements of corruption control
  • supporting the basic standards.