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15 Jul 2019

ANZSOG/NSW ICAC executive short course

A workshop for executives and managers run by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Australia and New Zealand School of Government

Current investigations

Roads and Maritime Services – allegations concerning employees’ awarding of contracts (Operation Ember)

The ICAC is investigating whether, between July 2015 and February 2019, RMS employees Samer Soliman and Jainesh Singh partially and dishonestly exercised their official functions in relation to the aw...

Awabakal Local Aboriginal Land Council - allegations concerning directors of the Board and others (Operation Skyline)

The ICAC is investigating allegations concerning the Awabakal Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), including whether any public official, being a Awabakal LALC Board director, acted dishonestly and/o...


Section 31B guidelines Guidelines relating to the conduct of public inquiries to ICAC staff and Counsel Assisting the ICAC. Last Modified 25/03/2019 1:16:30 PM
Standard ICAC directions for public inquiries Standard directions for legal representatives of individuals involved in an ICAC inquiry. Last Modified 20/12/2018 11:38:22 AM
Information for witnesses Information for individuals required to give evidence at an ICAC inquiry. Last Modified 25/03/2019 1:15:55 PM

Events and training

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Corruption prevention in procurement and contract management (in-house)

On-site at your organisation. Available as full-day, half-day and 1.5-hour session.

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Corruption prevention for managers (in-house)

On-site at your organisation.

What we do


The ICAC helps NSW public sector agencies and individuals prevent corruption by providing advice and building an agency's resistance to corruption through training and resources.


The ICAC uses a range of investigative techniques to expose corrupt conduct and it has been afforded significant statutory powers to do so. ICAC investigations focus on matters that are serious and systemic.

Our mission

Our mission is to combat corruption and improve the integrity of the NSW public sector.