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The ICAC's service commitment

The ICAC is committed to:

  • maintaining as its primary concern the protection of the public interest and the prevention of breaches of the public trust
  • being tenacious in fighting corruption and maintaining independence
  • delivering services that are useful, practical, strategically targeted and appropriate
  • responding to customer needs in a way which maximises the impact of ICAC activities and makes the best use of resources
  • carrying out its duties impartially and with integrity
  • meeting the standards of ethical behaviour and accountability that the ICAC promotes in dealings with other government organisations, and
  • having regard for the impact on organisations and individuals of the work conducted by the ICAC.

We welcome your input to improving our services. You can provide feedback by email, telephone (02 8281 5999), fax (02 9264 5364)‚ or write to us at:

The Independent Commission Against Corruption
GPO Box 500
Sydney NSW 2001