Investigation reports

When a public inquiry occurs or an investigation originates from a referral from both Houses of the NSW Parliament, the ICAC must provide a report to the Parliament. Reports may also be prepared about any other ICAC investigation or matter.

ICAC investigation reports may include:

  • findings of corrupt conduct in relation to individuals investigated

  • recommendations that consideration be given to the prosecution of or taking of disciplinary or dismissal action against individuals investigated

  • recommendations to agencies and public officials for changes in systems and procedures to prevent future corrupt conduct.

The Commission's standard timeframes for preparing and providing its section 74 reports to the Presiding Officers of Parliament are that at least 80 per cent of reports: 

  • for a public inquiry of five days or less, will be furnished to the Presiding Officers within 80 days of the receipt of final submissions, and

  • for a public inquiry of more than five days, will be furnished to the Presiding Officers within 180 days of the receipt of final submissions.

Progress of preparation of section 74 reports is monitored by the responsible Commissioner and through reporting on progress to each Investigation Management Group (IMG) meeting. The IMG meets each month (except January) and comprises the Commissioners, the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Directors of the Investigation, Legal and Corruption Prevention divisions.

If the Commission’s standard timeframes for preparation of a section 74 report are not met, the ICAC will set out the reasons in the report and include that information in the Commission’s annual report. The Commission will also consider whether any changes are required to its report preparation procedures.

If a report is made public once it has been furnished to the Presiding Officers, it is then published and made available from this website.

All ICAC investigation reports published in the last 10 years are also available from this site. Older reports are available on request by calling (02) 8281 5999 or emailing a request to [email protected].

After making corruption prevention recommendations, the ICAC monitors their implementation by the public authorities concerned.

The ICAC also prepares briefs of evidence for submission to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for consideration of prosecutions arising from an investigation and liaises with the DPP on these matters.