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Educational videos

This suite of short, animated videos can help educate people about public sector corruption, probity issues, good practice in the public sector, and the role of the NSW ICAC.

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What is corruption?

Explains corrupt conduct through real-life examples applicable to the jurisdiction of the ICAC.


How to report corrupt conduct

Advice on how to make a complaint to the ICAC (including anonymously), important things to consider and include when making a complaint, and action the ICAC can take once the complaint has been assessed.



Obligations of public office

Outlines the privilege and responsibilities of being a public officeholder in NSW and the consequences of breaching these responsibilities.


What is a conflict of interest?

Outlines the definition of “conflict of interest” relevant to the NSW public service and explores issues related to disclosures and declarations of conflicts of interests.



How to recognise the signs of corruption

Explores procurement-related activities and how they can be vulnerable to exploitation for private benefit by NSW public officials, suppliers, and cyber criminals. It provides examples of red flags commonly associated with corrupt procurement activities within public authorities.


Myths and misconceptions about corruption

Explains some common myths and misconceptions about the nature of corrupt conduct and provides advice to public officials on how they can help prevent corruption.



Tone at the top

Explains the ethical qualities that leaders must promote to make acting ethically part of an organisation’s core business. The essentials of ethical leadership and the flow-on benefits for organisations are explored through practical workplace scenarios.


Corruption pitfalls: gifts, hospitality and bribes

Highlights the pitfalls for public officials when offered gifts and hospitality from external parties, such as suppliers, applicants or customers. A gift can be anything of value, including tickets, accommodation, food, or discounts on goods and services.



CV fraud: how to know when applicants are lying

Provides an overview of some of the most effective employment screening practices to help identify fraudulent job applications.


Avoiding corrupt conduct: advice for suppliers and contractors to government

Explores how suppliers to the NSW Government can understand and uphold their ethical obligations and avoid corruption.



Myths and misconceptions about the NSW ICAC

Examines some common myths and misconceptions about the ICAC and explains its role and functions.


More NSW ICAC videos

You can view all our videos on our YouTube channel, including our educational animations, forums and corruption-prevention tips.