The ICAC's jurisdiction

The ICAC can investigate allegations that:

  • a NSW public official improperly used, or tried to improperly use, the knowledge, power or resources of his or her position for personal gain or the advantage of others
  • a NSW public official dishonestly exercised his or her official functions, or improperly exercised his or her official functions in a partial manner, breached public trust or misused information or material acquired during the course of his or her official functions
  • a member of the public influenced, or tried to influence, a NSW public official to use his or her position in a way that affected the probity of the public official's exercise of functions
  • a member of the public engaged in conduct that could involve one of the matters set out in section 8(2A) of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988 where such conduct impairs, or could impair, public confidence in public administration
  • have been referred by the NSW Electoral Commission.

The ICAC can investigate the following NSW public sector organisations:

  • government departments and statutory authorities
  • public schools, colleges and universities
  • public hospitals and area health services
  • local councils
  • NSW Parliament, including politicians
  • NSW judiciary (magistrates and judges)

Matters outside the jurisdiction of the ICAC

For matters that relate to:

  • private sector or other non-government organisations - contact:

Other relevant complaint-handling agencies in NSW

For matters that relate to: