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Investigation reports

3 Jun 2019

Investigation into the conduct of Corrective Services NSW officers at Lithgow Correctional Centre - Operation Estry

16 Jan 2019

Investigation into the conduct of a department of finance services and innovation ict project manager (Operation Yarrow)

19 Sep 2018

Investigation into the conduct of a principal officer of two non government organisations and others (Operation Tarlo)

3 Aug 2017

Investigation into NSW Liberal Party electoral funding for the 2011 state election campaign and other matters (Operation Spicer)

3 Aug 2017

Investigation into the conduct of a former NSW Department of Justice officer and others (Operation Artek)

26 Jul 2017

Investigation into the conduct of the former city of botany bay council chief financial officer and others (Operation Ricco)

21 Jun 2017

Investigation into the conduct of a regional illegal dumping squad officer and others (Operation Scania)

23 Feb 2017

Investigation into the conduct of a Casino Boolangle Local Aboriginal Land Council CEO and administrative officer (Operation Nestor)

23 Feb 2017

Investigation into the conduct of a former chief executive officer and members of the board of the Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council (Operation Greer)

22 Nov 2016

Investigation into the conduct of a senior officer of the NSW department of justice and others (Operation Yancey)

11 May 2016

Investigation into the conduct of a University of Sydney ICT manager - Operation Elgar

23 Mar 2016

Investigation into the conduct of a Mine Subsidence Board district manager (Operation Tunic)

4 Mar 2016

Investigation into the Conduct of a TAFE NSW ICT Manager (Operation Sonet)

17 Dec 2015

Investigation into the conduct of officers of NSW Rural Fire Services and others operation (Operation Vika)

25 Jun 2015

Investigation into the conduct of a university manager and others in relation to false invoicing (Operation Misto)

30 Oct 2014

Investigation conduct of John Cassidy, then chancellor UNE, in relation to sale of the Tattersalls hotel (Operation Verdi)

13 Oct 2014

Investigation into concerns that Sydney Local Health District engaged consultants at Yaralla estate (Operation Yaralla)

13 Oct 2014

Investigation into the conduct of a RailCorp manager and a Housing NSW employee (Operation Spector)

28 May 2014

Investigation into the conduct of the Commissioner of the NSW State Emergency Service - Operation Dewar

24 Jan 2014

Investigation false certs vehicle competency based assess Roads and Maritime Services accredited assessor (Operation Nickel)

26 Sep 2013

Investigation into allegations of corrupt conduct in the provision of security products and services (Operation Tilga)

26 Sep 2013

Investigation into the possession and supply of steroids and other matters involving a corrections officer (Operation Torino)

27 Mar 2013

Investigation into allegations that a Manager at the UTS solicited and accepted money, gifts and other benefits from UTS contractors (Operation Stark)

25 Jan 2013

Investigation into the smuggling of contraband into the Metropolitan Special Programs Centre at the Long Bay Correctional Complex (Operation Drake)

29 Oct 2012

Investigation allegations staff a number of local councils and public authorities secret benefits suppliers (Operation Jarek)

24 Oct 2012

Investigation into the recruitment of contractors and other staff by a University of Sydney IT manager (Operation Citrus)

27 Sep 2012

Investigation into the conduct of officers of the Wagonga Local Aboriginal Land Council and others (Operation Petrie)

30 Aug 2012

Investigation the conduct of a Uni New England procurement officer and UNE contractors (Operation Crusader)

14 Jun 2012

Investigation into the payment of $4,500 to a councillor of Auburn City Council (Operation Barrow)

18 Jan 2012

Investigation into alleged fraud on the former NSW Department of Education and Communities (Operation Barcoo)

16 Dec 2011

Investigation into the undisclosed conflict of interest of a senior executive of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (Operation Vesta)

12 Dec 2011

Investigation into the unauthorised purchase of property at Currawong by the Chief Executive of the Land and Property Management Authority (Operation Napier)

3 Nov 2011

Investigation into the misuse of access rights to a Land and Property Management Authority Database (Operation Carina)

31 Aug 2011

Investigation into corrupt conduct involving alleged fraud on two Sydney Hospitals (Operation Charity)

22 Jun 2011

Investigation into the corrupt conduct of a Willoughby City Council Officer (Operation Churchill)

12 May 2011

Investigation into the solicitation of a corrupt payment by a Strathfield Municipal Council officer (Operation Danby)

20 Apr 2011

Investigation into alleged corrupt conduct involving Burwood Council's General Manager and others (Operation Magnus)

22 Mar 2011

Investigation into corrupt conduct of Sydney Water employees and others (Operation Siren)

15 Dec 2010

Investigation into the acceptance of corrupt benefits by a City of Canada Bay council employee (Operation Challenger)

7 Dec 2010

Investigation submission false claims sitting day relief entitlement by Angela D'Amore MP, members of staff (Operation Syracuse)

10 Nov 2010

Investigation into corruption risks involved in lobbying (Operation Halifax)

8 Sep 2010

Investigation into undisclosed conflicts of interest of a University of Sydney employee (Operation Kanda)

1 Sep 2010

Investigation into the misuse of resources by a NSW Maritime Legal Services Branch officer (Operation Vargus)

12 Aug 2010

Investigation into attempted corrupt payment and submission of false resumes to public authorities (Operation Avoca)

27 Jul 2010

Investigation into the smuggling of contraband into the John Morony Correctional Centre (Operation Cicero)

13 Jul 2010

Investigation false claims for Sitting Day Relief payments by a NSW MP, members of her electorate staff (Operation Corinth)

10 Jun 2010

Report on the use of TAFE funds to pay for work on a dog kennel complex (Operation Corsair)

2 Jun 2010

Investigation into a Housing NSW officer's failure to declare conflicts of interest and secondary employment (Operation Coral)

13 May 2010

Investigation into the offer of a corrupt payment to an officer of Strathfield Municipal Council (Operation Centurion)

25 Mar 2010

Investigation into allegations of corruption made by or attributed to Michael McGurk (Operation Calpurnia)

15 Mar 2010

Report on corrupt conduct affecting the administration of justice in the Wagga Wagga and other local court areas (Operation Segomo)

9 Dec 2009

Report on corruption in the provision and certification of security industry training (Operation Columba)

4 Nov 2009

Investigation into the misuse of Sydney Ferries corporate credit cards (Operation Argyle)

24 Sep 2009

Investigation into the solicitation and receipt of corrupt payments from a RailCorp contractor (Operation Chaucer)

9 Sep 2009

Investigation into corrupt conduct associated with tendering for TransGrid work (Operation Tambo)

30 Jun 2009

Investigation into attempts to improperly influence Warringah Council officers (Operation Bauer)

26 Feb 2009

Attempts to improperly influence a Ku-ring-gai Council officer (Operation Capella)

12 Feb 2009

Report on an attempt to obtain entry to a selective public high school through payment of money (Operation Bellin)