ICAC corruption complaints form

Things you need to know before you make a complaint

What the ICAC does

  • Receive complaints about corruption involving NSW public sector agencies (government departments and state-owned corporations), local councils, members of Parliament and the judiciary
  • Consider all of the information you provide and that is available, and then decide whether to investigate
  • Investigate only serious or systemic corruption

What the ICAC does not do

  • Investigate complaints about NSW Police. (The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission deals with complaints about law enforcement officers)
  • Investigate private individuals, private companies and public officials or public sector agencies outside NSW, unless the matter also involves NSW public officials
  • Mediate disputes between you and others, including with public sector agencies
  • Review or overturn decisions by public sector agencies
  • Direct public sector agencies to take particular actions, including to pay you compensation

Our responsibilities in dealing with you

  • We will treat you fairly and with courtesy.
  • We will deal with your information impartially, objectively and according to the law.
  • We will provide you with written reasons, where we decide not to investigate your complaint.

Your responsibilities in dealing with us

  • We expect you to treat our staff with courtesy.
  • We expect you to provide us with information relating to your complaint that is complete, accurate and truthful.
  • We expect that, where you provide us with large amounts of documents, you tell us how the information supports your complaint.

Acknowledgment of complaint information

There are penalties for providing us with false or misleading information.

By submitting a complaint form, you acknowledge that the information provided to the NSW ICAC in relation to this complaint will not be, to your knowledge, false or deliberately misleading.

Complete and submit complaint