Roads and Maritime Services – allegations concerning employees’ awarding of contracts (Operation Ember)

Year: 2019 Status: Current

The ICAC is investigating whether, between July 2015 and February 2019, RMS employees Samer Soliman and Jainesh Singh partially and dishonestly exercised their official functions in relation to the awarding of contracts to Novation Engineering Pty Ltd and AZH Consulting Pty Ltd.

The contract work has included scoping studies, field trials and the supply of equipment and parts. Two contracts awarded to Novation Engineering Pty Ltd in 2018 for the replacement of RMS’ portable weigh scale assets totalled over $9 million in value. It is alleged that Mr Soliman received a financial benefit for his role in helping to secure the work awarded to both companies.

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27-05-2019 Transcript 27/05/19 00404-00462 9.30am to 1.01pm
24-05-2019 Transcript 24/05/19 00344-00403 10.00am to 1.05pm
23-05-2019 Transcript 23/05/19 00308-00343 2.00pm to 4.03pm
23-05-2019 Transcript 23/05/19 00259-00307 10.00am to 1.04pm
22-05-2019 Transcript 22/05/19 00218-00258 2.00pm to 4.04pm
22-05-2019 Transcript 22/05/19 00175-00217 10.40am to 12.59pm
21-05-2019 Transcript 21/05/19 00132-00174 2.00pm to 4.00pm
21-05-2019 Transcript 21/05/19 00086-00131 10.00am to 1.07pm
20-05-2019 Transcript 20/05/19 00047-00085 2.00pm to 3.59pm
20-05-2019 Transcript 20/05/19 00001-00046 10.00am to 1.03pm
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