Statement regarding allegations concerning Ms Katie Joyner

Monday 18 March 2024

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) received allegations via a 9 February 2024 report made under section 11 of ICAC Act by the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI), concerning Ms Katie Joyner, a Director at the DPHI.

The allegations were that Ms Joyner had misused information about the Transport Orientated Development (TOD) Scheme, acquired in her official functions, for the financial benefit of herself by buying a property within an area affected by the proposed TOD.

The Commission also examined whether Ms Joyner engaged in any corrupt conduct by suggesting to other landowners in the area that they band together and sell their properties to developers for financial gain under the new State Government housing polices.

The allegations were made by Mr Alister Henskens SC MP in the NSW Parliament on 8 February 2024. In addition to DPHI’s section 11 referral to the Commission, The Cabinet Office also notified the Commission on 9 February 2024 of the allegations made by Mr Henskens.

During the course of its investigation, the Commission obtained and reviewed relevant records using its powers pursuant to section 21 and section 22 of the ICAC Act, conducted a number of interviews, including with Ms Joyner, and conducted forensic reviews of electronic devices. The Commission also undertook a review of the timeline of the TOD process, and when Ms Joyner became aware of the relevant TOD affecting the area in which she purchased property. 

The Commission is satisfied there is no evidence that Ms Joyner or any other person engaged in corrupt conduct, and has accordingly determined to close its investigation.

The Commission has written to Ms Joyner’s legal representative, The Cabinet Office and DPHI, advising the outcome of its investigation.

The Commission will not be making further comment.