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Open workshops calendar

The ICAC offers training opportunities to NSW public sector managers and specialist staff through our open workshops program. Registration is now open for the following March/April 2020 workshops. To be placed on our notification list for future workshops, please contact workshops@icac.nsw.gov.au







Corruption prevention for managers
A practical workshop which focuses on developing an understanding of the nature of corruption, how and why corruption occurs and what managers can do to prevent it.
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9:00 -16:30
Sydney CBD

Corruption prevention in procurement and contract management
This workshop assists managers and staff with responsibility for procurement activities to identify where the weaknesses in their systems and opportunities for corruption may be. It will also help participants understand what they can do to prevent corruption in the procurement context.
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9:00 -16:30 Sydney CBD

Fact-finder: An introduction to conducting a fact finding investigation (for non-investigators)
This is an introductory workshop for those who may be required to conduct an internal fact-finding investigation into a complaint or allegations of staff wrongdoing, including misconduct or corrupt conduct. The workshop has a practical focus and includes how to plan, conduct, conclude and report on an internal investigation. Attention will also be given to the principles that underpin investigations, including confidentiality and procedural fairness.
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9:00 -16:30 Sydney CBD REGISTER NOW

Corruption prevention for planning professionals
This awareness-raising workshop is specifically designed for town planners and related public officials working within the NSW planning system. It helps these professionals understand what constitutes corrupt conduct and where opportunities for corruption are likely to be hidden.
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9:00 -16:30
Sydney CBD

Getting the most out of your corruption prevention training program
This new workshop draws on the ICAC’s experience over many years in providing corruption prevention training across the NSW public sector. In this interactive session we will also learn from published better practice, and the experience of session participants, to determine how an agency might approach in-house corruption prevention training and achieve maximum benefit.
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9:00 -12:30
Sydney CBD


If you cannot attend on any of these dates, but would like to attend in the future, please send an email to workshops@icac.nsw.gov.au now and we will let you know when the next round of workshops is open for registration.


Eligibility and allocation of places

  • Places are strictly limited.
  • Registration does not guarantee a place in a workshop.
  • Workshops are generally only open to NSW public officials.
  • Places are normally allocated on a first-come-first-served basis with a maximum of two participants accepted from an individual agency per workshop, however preference may be given to:
    • officers from an organisation within the ICAC's jurisdiction
    • officers from agencies that have been recently investigated
    • officers with high risk functions
    • applicants who applied for an earlier workshop but could not be given a place
    • people who have not attended an ICAC corruption prevention workshop in the past two years.
  • Each workshop has a specific target audience and applications from people outside the relevant target group will not normally be accepted.

Frequently asked questions about open workshops

I am not a NSW public official. Can I attend a workshop?

Generally not, but depending on your circumstances an exception may be granted.

What happens if I apply but don’t get in?

We will advise you as soon as the next round of workshops is open for registration, however, you will need to register again.

What happens after I register for a workshop?

You will receive notification of your registration by email. Your application will be assessed against other applicants and our elegibility and selection criteria. Places will be allocated and you will be notified if you have been successful or not. Commission staff may contact you to discuss your application before making a decision.

What if I can’t make it on the day?

We understand that plans change and that you may not be able to attend. Because our workshops are popular and places are limited, we often have a waiting list of people who would like to attend. Please notify us as soon as possible if you cannot attend so that we can try to fill your place. You may also wish to nominate a colleague to attend in your place.

If you fail to tell us that you cannot attend, your place will be wasted and someone else will also miss out. Failure to attend without good reason may result in us refusing to offer you a place in a future workshop.

Will I miss anything if I leave early?

Yes, you will. Our workshops cover a lot of issues and usually end very close to the advertised time. You may miss something important if you leave early. Please do not apply if you know you will not be able to stay for the whole day so we can give the place to someone who can.

Do I have to bring lunch or refreshments?

No. We normally provide tea and coffee on arrival plus morning/afternoon tea and lunch if the session spans lunchtime. Special dietary needs can be accommodated in most cases.

Will I get a certificate or statement of attendance?

No, the ICAC is not a registered training organisation (RTO) and does not provide certificates or statements of attainment or attendance. Should your employer require proof of your attendance, please send us their contact details and we will confirm with them directly.