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  1. Corruption and integrity in the NSW public sector - an assessment of current trends and events - Corruption prevention publications    18 March 2019   The Commission's inaugural report on corruption trends and events in the NSW public sector. 5 star relevancy
  2. ICAC’s first report on state of corruption in NSW warns of evolving risks    search file icon 4 December 2018   The first NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) report on current trends in corruption and integrity in the NSW public sector warns the public sector to be wary of risks associated with blurred lines between government and non-government sectors, badly-managed organisational change, and rules that unintentionally can encourage corrupt conduct. 5 star relevancy
  3. Home    search file icon 24 July 2006   Home 4 star relevancy
  4. Objectives and key result areas     search file icon 18 April 2018   The ICAC's mission is to combat corruption and improve the integrity of the NSW public sector. 3.5 star relevancy
  5. History    search file icon 17 April 2018   In the late 1980s community concern about integrity in the NSW public sector reached new heights due to exposure of corruption among government ministers, within the judiciary and at senior levels of the police force. 3.5 star relevancy
  6. Free workshops    search file icon 1 January 2018   ICAC education and training workshops. 3.5 star relevancy
  7. In-house corruption prevention workshops for 2024 - Various   search file icon 1 March 2024   The Commission runs a series of online corruption prevention workshops for individual NSW public officials. If you are a NSW public official, you can register your interest in attending. For more information, please visit: 3.5 star relevancy
  8. All NSW ICAC publications    search file icon 15 June 2018   All publications about the ICAC can be found using the publication search below. To narrow your search, make a selection from the subcategory field dropdown menu. Click ‘Search’ and the results will appear below. 3.5 star relevancy
  9. Protections for those who make public interest disclosures    search file icon 31 May 2018   Many individuals are discouraged from reporting suspected conduct for fear of retaliation. 3.5 star relevancy
  10. Blowing the whistle about corruption in NSW    search file icon 31 May 2018   Providing information about alleged corrupt conduct is commonly known as 'blowing the whistle'. 3.5 star relevancy
  11. ICAC brings anti-corruption training and messages to Western NSW    search file icon 23 May 2018   The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will visit Western NSW next week as part of its rural and regional outreach program to bring anti-corruption initiatives and training to centres across the state. 3.5 star relevancy
  12. Media alert: ICAC Operation Skyline public inquiry to resume Monday    search file icon 11 May 2018   The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption’s (ICAC) Operation Skyline public inquiry will resume on Monday 14 May 2018 at 10:00 am for one week. 3.5 star relevancy
  13. Frequently asked questions about reporting corruption    search file icon 6 May 2018   The answers to frequently asked questions about reporting corruption. 3.5 star relevancy
  14. Publications about reporting corruption     search file icon 5 May 2018   All publications about reporting corruption can be found using the publication search below. 3.5 star relevancy
  15. Report corruption    search file icon 3 May 2018   You are about to make a complaint to ICAC. Are you a member of the public, public official, principal officer of a NSW public authority or reporting on behalf of a principal officer of a NSW government authority? 3.5 star relevancy