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Public inquiry into allegations concerning John Sidoti MP to be re-opened

Wednesday 22 September 2021

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will re-open the Operation Witney public inquiry into allegations concerning the State Member for Drummoyne, John Sidoti MP, commencing next Wednesday, 29 September 2021 from 10:00 am for approximately three days.

The re-opened public inquiry concerns matters from material provided by Mr Sidoti following the close of evidence on 27 April 2021, which he has requested be included as evidence in the Commission’s investigation.

The Commission has previously advised that in Operation Witney, it is investigating allegations that, between 26 March 2011 and 6 February 2018, Mr Sidoti improperly influenced another person, or persons, to dishonestly or partially exercise any of their official functions in respect of: advancing amendments to development controls affecting land between Second Avenue and Barnstaple Road on Waterview Street, Five Dock; and/or any rezoning of the land and/or any proposals to develop the land situated at 120, 122 and 124 Great North Road, Five Dock, and 2 Second Avenue, Five Dock.

The Commission has also advised it is examining whether, between 30 June 2011 and 30 June 2019, Mr Sidoti engaged in a breach of public trust by failing to make a number of pecuniary interest disclosures contrary to his obligations to do so under the Constitution (Disclosures by Members) Regulation 1983, the NSW Parliament Code of Conduct for Members and the Ministerial Code of Conduct.

The general scope and purpose of the public inquiry is to gather evidence relevant to the matters being investigated for the purpose of determining the matters referred to in section 13(2) of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988.

The ICAC is committed to maintaining a COVID-safe work environment. The Commission has decided that, until there is a substantial improvement in the COVID-19 situation in NSW, any public inquiries will, as far as practicable, be conducted remotely by audio visual link (AVL). Only those whose presence on Commission premises is deemed essential for the effective conduct of the public inquiry will be permitted on-site. Members of the public and the media will therefore not be permitted to attend the premises for the course of the Operation Witney public inquiry. There is further information in the public inquiry protocol on the Commission’s website.

MS Teams is the AVL technology that the Commission will use to conduct the public inquiry remotely. The Commission will live stream the MS Teams proceedings via its website, www.icac.nsw.gov.au. The Commission will also upload exhibits (provided they are not subject to non-publication orders), transcripts and witness lists to the website. Updates will be provided throughout the course of the inquiry via the ICAC Twitter account (@nswicac).

ICAC Chief Commissioner the Hon Peter Hall QC will continue to preside at the public inquiry. Counsel Assisting the Commission is Rob Ranken of Counsel.

A witness list is attached. Please note that witness lists are subject to change. For further information, please refer to the Operation Witney September 2021 public inquiry media guidelines.




Week beginning Monday 27 September 2021

Please note that this list is subject to change.

Monday 27 September
Not sitting

Tuesday 28 September
Not sitting

Wednesday 29 September
Glen Haron

Thursday 30 September
Lisa Andersen
John Sidoti MP

Friday 1 October
John Sidoti MP (to be confirmed if required)