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ICAC clarification regarding the Hon Joe Tripodi MP

Wednesday 16 August 2006

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) wishes to clarify matters concerning the Hon Joe Tripodi MP, Minister for Energy and Minister for Ports and Waterways.

Mr Tripodi stated today he had requested the ICAC to investigate his interests in the company Westside Property Developments in 2002 and that the ICAC decided not to proceed with an investigation.

However, the ICAC has not previously investigated Mr Tripodi's interests in Westside Property Developments.

No complaint regarding Mr Tripodi's interests in Westside Property Developments was received by the ICAC in 2002, and Mr Tripodi did not request such an investigation. At the time, Mr Tripodi expressed a willingness to cooperate with the ICAC in anticipation of an investigation he thought might be undertaken in relation to Westside Property Developments.