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Wednesday 21 July 2010

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will conduct a public inquiry as part of its investigation into lobbying of public officials and public authorities in NSW and the related procedures and regulatory system.

The scope and purpose of the public inquiry is to consider the relationship between lobbyists and public authorities and public officials for the purpose of examining whether such relationships may allow, encourage or cause the occurrence of corrupt conduct or conduct connected with corrupt conduct.

The inquiry also aims to: identify whether any laws governing any public authority or public official need to be changed; and whether any methods of work, practices or procedures of any public authority or public official could allow, encourage or cause the occurrence of corrupt conduct and if so, what changes should be made.

There are no allegations that any person has engaged in corrupt conduct.

The public inquiry will commence at 10:00 am on Monday 2 August 2010 at L21, 133 Castlereagh St., Sydney.

Persons claiming to be substantially and directly interested in this matter may seek leave to appear at the public inquiry and are invited to contact the undersigned (Roy Waldon) on 02 8281 5999 to advise their interest.

Persons with information relevant to the investigation should send the information in writing to the ICAC at GPO Box 500, Sydney NSW 2001 or by facsimile to 02 9264 5364.

Roy Waldon
Solicitor to the Commission

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