Canterbury-Bankstown Council – allegations concerning conduct of former employee, contractor and others (Operation Mantis)

Year: 2024 Status: Current

The ICAC is investigating allegations concerning the conduct of former a former employee and a contractor of Canterbury-Bankstown Council (“Council”), and others.


The Commission is investigating whether:

  1. between May 2020 and December 2022, former Council contractor Pietro Cossu and/or former Council employee Benjamin Webb partially or dishonestly exercised their official functions by using, and/or attempting to use, PMLV Invest & Const Pty Ltd (“PMLV”) to undertake recruitment subcontractor services through council recruitment contractors in circumstances where Mr Cossu, and/or Mr Webb, failed to disclose their pecuniary interest in PMLV, and/or pecuniary benefits that they anticipated receiving in connection with the use of PMLV

  2. between July 2020 and December 2022, Mr Cossu and/or Mr Webb partially or dishonestly exercised their official functions to favour General Works & Construction Pty Ltd (“GWAC”), by attempting to influence the award of council contract/s to GWAC, and/or using, or attempting to use, PMLV to subcontract GWAC council contracts to benefit themselves and/or others.

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Filename Date pp. Time
14-06-2024 transcript 14/06/24 00583-00602 10.00am to 12.11pm
12-06-2024 transcript 12/06/24 00537-00582 2.00pm to 4.03pm
12-06-2024 transcript 12/06/24 00472-00536 10.00am to 1.01pm
11-06-2024 transcript 11/06/24 00410-00471 2.00pm to 4.34pm
11-06-2024 transcript 11/06/24 00357-00409 10.00am to 1.04pm
06-06-2024 transcript 06/06/24 00284-00356 10.00am to 12.56pm
05-06-2024 transcript 05/06/24 00233-00283 10.00am to 12.30pm
04-06-2024 transcript 04/06/24 00173-00232 2.00pm to 4.10pm
04-06-2024 transcript 04/06/24 00106-00172 10.00am to 1.00pm
03-06-2024 transcript 03/06/24 00072-00105 2.00pm to 3.34pm
03-06-2024 transcript 03/06/24 00001-00071 10.00am to 1.04pm
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