Roads and Maritime Services – allegation concerning two former employees (Operation Paragon)

Year: 2021 Status: Current

The ICAC is investigating an allegation that, between 2009 and June 2019, then Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) employees Alexandre Dubois and Craig Steyn partially and/or dishonestly exercised their official functions by awarding in excess of $41 million in RMS contracts, to companies with which they were associated, in exchange for receiving benefits.

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View all public inquiry transcripts associated with this investigation. The Commission will endeavour to make transcripts available as soon as practicable. It cannot advise specific times for when transcripts will be published, due to factors including checking procedures to ensure compliance with any non-publication orders made under the ICAC Act. Users are also reminded that they may follow the proceedings in real time if a public inquiry is being live streamed.


Filename Size KB Date pp. Time
14-05-2021 transcript 210 14/05/21 00358-00420 9.30am to 12.17pm
13-05-2021 transcript 252 13/05/21 00315-00357 2.00pm to 3.57pm
13-05-2021 transcript 295 13/05/21 00261-00314 10.00am to 12.59pm
12-05-2021 transcript 270 12/05/21 00213-00260 2.00pm to 4.05pm
12-05-2021 transcript 336 12/05/21 00148-00212 10.00am to 1.02pm
11-05-2021 transcript 192 11/05/21 00122-00147 2.00pm to 3.13pm
11-05-2021 transcript 272 11/05/21 00074-00121 11.00am to 1.03pm
10-05-2021 transcript 142 10/05/21 00037-00073 2.00pm to 3.55pm
10-05-2021 transcript 151 10/05/21 00001-00036 10.30am to 1.00pm
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