Corrective Services NSW - allegations concerning officers dishonestly exercising official functions in relation to assault of prisoner (Operation Estry)

Year: 2018 Status: Current

The ICAC is investigating allegations that, on or about 19 February 2014, CSNSW officers based at Lithgow Correctional Centre dishonestly exercised their official functions in relation to an assault of a prisoner including by: subjecting the prisoner to the use of force which was unwarranted and inappropriate in the circumstances; colluding to provide a false and misleading account of the reasons for attending the cell occupied by the prisoner and subjecting him to the use of force; submitting, reviewing and approving a “use of force package” (including incident reports) that contained false and misleading information about the reasons for attending the cell occupied by the prisoner and subjecting him to the use of force; failing to record the use of force via video camera, as required by CSNSW policy and procedures; and destroying, or not maintaining, CCTV footage of the area immediately outside the cell occupied by the prisoner.

The Commission is also investigating whether, on 20 February 2014, CSNSW officers at Lithgow Correctional Centre dishonestly exercised their official functions by falsely representing that 0.2 grams of buprenorphine was recovered from the prisoner’s personal belongings during the search of the cell occupied by the prisoner.

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