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In-house workshops

The ICAC delivers a range of corruption prevention workshops for NSW public sector agencies in-house, online and free of charge. Face-to-face workshops are only available where they can be provided in a COVID-safe way. In preparation for workshops, we consult with you so that issues particular to your work environment can be addressed and the most appropriate workshop offered. For more information or to book a workshop, contact workshops@icac.nsw.gov.au.

The ICAC is currently offering the following workshops for in-house delivery:

Corruption prevention for managers

What is corruption? How and why does it happen? What can I do about it? Practical workshops that help managers answer these questions and take steps to prevent, detect and respond to corruption.
Availability: In-house, online and open
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Strategic approaches to corruption prevention - senior executive workshop

A workshop specifically designed for senior executive service (SES) and senior managers who have operational responsibility for work areas with significant risk for corruption and the ability to make or influence significant change.
Availability: In-house, online and open
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Corruption prevention in procurement and contract management

Workshops designed to assist staff with procurement duties, contract management roles or responsibility for overseeing these functions to understand the probity requirements and corruption opportunities associated with procurement.
Availability: In-house, online and open
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Corruption prevention for planning professionals

This awareness-raising workshop is specifically designed for town planners and related public officials working within the NSW planning system. It helps these professionals understand what constitutes corrupt conduct and where opportunities for corruption are likely to be hidden.
Availability: In-house, online and open
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Good governance in small boards

Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs) and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) can face similar challenges: their board members are usually voluntary, they often have limited staff numbers, and are expected to meet varied responsibilities in their communities. The workshop covers a range of topics and will include discussion about how LALC and NGO board members and staff all play a role in building good governance in their organisations.
Availability: In-house and Outreach
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Frequently asked questions about in-house workshops

How much does an ICAC workshop cost?

ICAC workshops are free for NSW public authorities. All you need to provide is:

  • 18 to 25 appropriate participants
  • a suitable venue
  • PC/laptop, data projector, speakers and whiteboard
  • morning/afternoon tea and lunch for participants and facilitators.

The ICAC will cover the cost of travel and accommodation for its own staff.

Does the ICAC deliver workshops in rural and regional areas?

Yes. All requests for workshops are considered on their merits regardless of location. As a general rule, however, we will not travel unless it is worthwhile. Therefore we prefer to deliver a full day’s worth of training such as a single full-day workshop or two half-day workshops with a minimum of 18 participants per workshop. The ICAC will cover travel and accommodation expenses for its staff.

Who should attend a workshop?

The ICAC offers a range of workshops to suit a variety of needs. Each workshop targets different staff. We will help you work out which workshop(s) would be most useful and who should attend.

Can the ICAC train all of our staff?

No, generally not unless it is a very small organisation. Like all agencies, we have limited resources that we try to apply as efficiently and effectively as possible by targeting training at key roles and high-risk functions within an organisation. We may be able to offer several workshops over time depending on demand and resources. If you have a large number of people you want to train, we may be able to advise you on developing your own training module. We may also be able to provide a speaker to talk to a larger audience about the ICAC’s work or a specific corruption prevention topic. More about ICAC speakers.

Can you train our staff in code of conduct and ethics?

No. While these topics are often touched on in our workshops, we do not offer separate courses on them.

Can you teach our staff how to do procurement?

No, we can only train them in corruption prevention related to procurement.

Can you create a customised workshop for us?

We have a series of standard workshops that we minimally customise for each organisation by selecting or writing relevant scenarios and examples and focusing on particular issues. From time-to-time, if we are convinced there is a strong need and we have the available resources, we can create a custom workshop to address a particularly risky function or to focus on particular issues that have arisen during a public inquiry. More extensive customisation is done for the Strategic approaches to corruption prevention senior executive workshop.

Why do we have to provide catering?

In our experience, if catering is provided breaks can be kept short and participants are less likely to go back to their desks and get distracted by their normal work and return late to the workshop. It also provides a better opportunity for participants to continue discussions started in class and to ask questions of the facilitator more privately.

What are the minimum and maximum number of participants?

We want to make best use of our resources and so normally require a minimum of 18 participants. The workshops are very interactive and we encourage all attendees to participate, so we normally allow a maximum of 25 participants. Smaller numbers are often acceptable for the Strategic approaches to corruption prevention senior executive workshop.

Do you provide certificates?

We are not a registered training organisation (RTO) and do not provide any type of certification.