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Corruption prevention in procurement

Procurement and contract management are areas regularly investigated by the ICAC. The way that an organisation carries out its procurement and contract management activities has a significant impact on the likelihood of corruption occurring, so the ICAC offers several workshops focusing on corruption prevention in these areas.

These workshops are designed to assist staff with procurement duties, contract management roles or responsibility for overseeing these functions to understand the probity requirements and corruption opportunities associated with procurement. They will assist participants to identify where the weaknesses in their procurment systems lie and where opportunities for corruption may be and will help them to understand what they can do to prevent corruption in the procurement context.

Who should attend?

  • NSW public-sector and local-government managers with line-management responsibility for procurement and/or contract management, with or without specific skills in procurement
  • procurement managers
  • procurement/contract management policy or process designers
  • staff with significant procurement and/or contract management responsibilities.

NB:  This workshop is NOT intended for staff who simply buy off established contracts or catalogues, or do not deal directly with suppliers. At a minimum, participants should be involved in obtaining or assessing quotations, managing contractors, supervising people who carry out these activities or approving the purchases or procurement activities carried out by others.


Depending on participant needs,Corruption prevention in procurement workshops are offered for 1.5 hours, half a day or a full day. In the half day workshop we touch on the major issues, but are able to explore these and develop more detailed understanding in the full day workshop.

Full day

7.5 hours including a 15–minute morning and afternoon tea and a 30–minute lunch break

Half day

3.5 hours including a 15–minute break

Quarter day

1.5 hours

Workshop content

This workshop assists managers and staff with responsibility for procurement activities to identify where the weaknesses in their systems and opportunities for corruption may be. It will also help participants understand what they can do to prevent corruption in the procurement context.

About the ICAC

  • powers and oversight
  • jurisdiction
  • reporting corruption and public interest disclosures.

Recognising corruption in procurement and contract management

  • the nature of corruption
  • past case examples
  • costs of corruption
  • probity principles and their impact on corruption.

Why people act corruptly

  • motivations for corruption
  • gifts and grooming
  • capture, influence and allegiance
  • identifying and managing conflicts of interest.

Corruption opportunities and risks in procurement

  • common corruption opportunities and risks in procurement
  • stage-specific corruption risks.

Corruption prevention

  • the control inherent in tight operations
  • the four elements of control
  • process design and management
  • risk management
  • supporting the basic standards
  • how your organisation can improve
  • managers’ role in corruption prevention.


This course can also be delivered on-site at your organisation.

While appropriate activity scenarios and case examples will be selected to cater to the specific needs of the participants, we are unable to offer a fully-customised service except in special circumstances.

To request an in-house workshop email workshops@icac.nsw.gov.au

Course dates

text on light turquiose background - open full-day

Corruption prevention in procurement and contract management - Sydney

Start Date01 Apr 2020 09:00 AM End Date01 Apr 2020 04:30 PM

Open for NSW public sector managers and specialist staff. Registrations for this event are now closed.