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NSW ICAC premises temporary closure extended until 1 October 2021

The NSW ICAC premises at 255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, will now remain closed until 9 am on Friday 1 October 2021. The closure is due to the extended NSW Government COVID-19 lockdown orders for Greater Sydney.

The Commission is committed to acting in the best interests of the health and safety of its staff, visitors and the community. Please see important information below about measures now in place to enable the ICAC to maintain its operational and legislative functions.

Contacting the ICAC:

•    For general enquiries, email the ICAC – icac@icac.nsw.gov.au
•    For media enquiries, call 0417 467 801, or email nthomas@icac.nsw.gov.au

Keep sending complaints and reports

ICAC staff are set up to work remotely where possible during this time. The public and NSW government agencies are encouraged to keep reporting allegations of corrupt conduct (noting the latter can also have statutory requirements to report allegations of corruption).

Please note the following:
•    Complaints or reports must be made by email (icac@icac.nsw.gov.au) or using the reporting forms on our website.
•    The ICAC will continue to assess all complaints and reports that it receives.
•    The ICAC will correspond with all agencies and members of the public via email.
•    You will not be able to make complaints or reports over the telephone or in person. The ICAC will also not be able to send mail via Australia Post during this time.

Follow the ICAC on Twitter @nswicac and watch this website for any further updates.

If you have received a notice issued under s 22 of the ICAC Act, requiring you to produce documents, or a notice under s 21 of the ICAC Act, requiring you to produce a statement of information, then those documents or statement of information should be produced by sending them to the ICAC Senior Property Officer at property@icac.nsw.gov.au.
If you wish to communicate with someone concerning the notice, then you should contact the officer referred to on page 3 of the notice using the contact details provided on that page.