South Sydney Council - administration and auditing of cleaning contracts

The ICAC investigated the conduct of officers of South Sydney Council and others in relation to Council cleaning contracts. An audit report on Council cleaning contracts by the Council's Corporate Audit Group had found 13 instances of order splitting involving the Council's Cleaning Coordinator and a contractor, and 17 instances where work undertaken by a contractor was certified by the Council Cleaning Coordinator as being satisfactorily performed prior to the date the work was actually undertaken.

The ICAC's investigation focused on the Council's engagement and use of cleaning contractors, its recruitment and employment of new staff, whether the Council's Mayor or others had intervened in relation to the 1999 audit of cleaning contracts and the role of the Mayor and others in the decision to disband the Council's Corporate Audit Group.

In its report on this investigation, made public in October 2000, the ICAC found that there was no evidence that any officer of South Sydney Council or anyone else had engaged in corrupt conduct.

This report is no longer available online. Request the report.