Courses offered by other organisations

Education and training events relevant to the work of the Commission are also provided by other organisations.

NSW Ombudsman Public Interest Disclosures Training

This course provides an overview of a public sector organisation's responsibilities under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994, the roles and responsibilities of parties involved in disclosures and:

• explores the what, why, who and how of disclosures
• examines an organisation's obligations regarding confidentiality and protection
• provides information about the parties involved in the disclosure and the importance of managing their expectations
• outlines the responsibilities of an organisation and the Ombudsman in relation to public interest disclosures.

Who should attend

Staff, managers, PID coordinators, disclosure officers and local government councillors should attend.

Training inquiries

To discuss your organisation's training needs, please contact the senior training and education officers, PID Unit, NSW Ombudsman at:

Training bookings

You can register your organisation for PID training using the online form on the NSW Ombudsman website

Further information

An e-learning module is available from the NSW Ombudsman at: Further information is available at:


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